Just Hanging Around – Aug. 31 – Sept. 1, 2016


Our 5-month old “Little Fiery Gift From God” #MiracleBaby !!

Every Good and Perfect Gift is From Above – James 1:17.

Aiden 5-month Collage



Aiden’s Therapy – August 29, 2016

This little guy is getting stronger every day and continues to improve with each OT/PT session. On Monday, he decided to not only participate with his physical therapist (Debbie), but he also decided to give her smiles as well. Aiden seems to love occupational therapy (with Robert), but he always gives Debbie such a hard time and the pouty lip. So I guess you can say we have progress all around, I think he is finally getting the hang of things!!


“Today begins Neonatal Intensive Care Awareness Month. This month, we honor all babies who have experienced a stay in the NICU. Regardless of diagnosis, full term or preterm, complications, or length of stay, every NICU baby’s unique journey is worthy of being honored. Today let’s send our love to these courageous souls.”


NICU Miracle - September NICU awareness Month

#AidenStrong #CDHawareness #CDHwarrior

To READ Aiden’s Story – Love, Hope and Faith for Aiden

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