Aiden’s Update – Sept. 1-5, 2016


Pouty Lip vs. Avocado…..pouty lip wins every time!!

We are having a few issues with feeds & weight gain, so Aiden’s pediatrician has bumped up all feeds with cereal (oatmeal) and gave us the official OK to start with solids. Today I puréed Avocado (since it is seriously one of my favorite things to eat in the world), as I prepared to give Aiden his first taste big brother and sister said mom do the airplane. Well…..Aiden did not like the airplane sound very much, every time I would stop and start back up, this is the pouty lip I would get.

Talk about a SERIOUS pouty lip!! I should add, I don’t actually know if he likes Avocado or not, he was too upset from the airplane sound.

Aiden's Pouty Lip & Trying Avocado


Look who’s sitting up!!!…Maybe this would be a good time to try the avocado again !! PT/OT has been so beneficial for Aiden, in just a short amount of time we have noticed major improvement in his strength and coordination. Playtime tends to be hard work, so I see a good nap in the near future!!

Aiden Sitting Up 1

Aiden Sitting Up 2—-

Looks like we have success with avocado!!

I’ve been doing my homework and researching how to incorporate solids, which fruits and veggies to try first and so on (I promise it feels like I am first-time parent all over again with Aiden). It is suggested that when introducing new foods, a good goal is to feed the same food for four days before introducing something new. So our first go around is avocado and today marks (Day 2) of two feedings (one in the morning/breakfast and one in the evening/dinner). When I first attempted to give Aiden avocado (the pouty lip pic), I took fresh avocado and just mashed it. It did not go over so well, but there were a few other factors at play as well. This time around, I decided to steam the avocado first. Perhaps this was the key step, but he seems to like it!!

I used an old rice cooker/steamer to steam the avocado. After I steamed (2) avocado, I mashed each half and divided it equally into his little Nuby baby containers.

Aiden Eating Solids - Avocado Round 1

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