Aiden’s Update – April 5, 2016


Aiden’s Specific Daily Prayer Request – 

1) As I mentioned yesterday, the next big hurdle is weening Aiden off his ECMO treatment, which needs to take place before his CDH repair surgery. Today and possibly tomorrow will be a very big/important day….I pray that he has a smooth transition without any complications as they test his response to cutting off his ECMO treatment. If his trial without the treatment goes well, they will move forward and remove ECMO as early as today or tomorrow. Allow his heart and lungs to function properly on their own and not remain dependent on ECMO.
2)Cover Aiden’s brain. Remove signs of injury and CONTINUE to increase brain activity. Protect his brain from seizures and any abnormal activity.
3) Remove signs of injury to kidneys, restore them fully and allow them to function properly without blood in his urine.
4) Remove signs of injury to liver and restore it fully.
5) Heal the right ventricle in his heart.
6)Continue to heal his lungs and remove any signs/symptoms of Pulmonary Hypertension.

Aiden w/Dad.PCHFamily Specific Daily Prayer Request-
1)Continue to keep our family unit strong & together.
2) Cover, encourage and protect Q, Auri, Allan & Ash hearts and reassure them that they are loved.

1) I am so very BLESSED & THANKFUL for my husband and 14 years of marriage. Happy Anniversary to us❤️.

When I have moments of the slightest uncertainty, I am quickly reminded that it is not me that is in control…instead it is God and I am learning to trust more and more daily. Aiden is such a fighter and to see his little body continue to work and push through each obstacle like a champ is such a blessing and miracle for me to see and experience. He continues to daily make subtle improvements, again it is not near perfect just yet, but I am believing that he will get there and get there sooner than they expect. I am thankful for the improvement in his lungs and for the results of his oxygen challenge & blood gases when they they checked to see how well he was able to oxygenate his blood on his own.

It makes my heart happy to see Aiden respond to me and to know that I am able to provide some comfort and calm to him when he hears my voice and feels my touches. My baby knows who I am and that I am here, right by his side.

My faith is unshaken and I am trusting that Aiden will continue to improve and those subtle changes will turn into big changes. That CRAZY FAITH of mine keeps me going and I am expecting a MIRACLE to take place today and multiple miracles as we move forward with his surgeries and recovery.

Before I go…I am beyond thankful for your constant encouragement & prayers. Although I am not responding individually to your comments, please know that I read each one and they encourage me throughout the day. Thank you for following Aiden’s journey and not growing weary by hearing his story or by the constant prayer request. I love each and every one of you and I pray that God touches and blesses you and your families in whatever way you may need it today…all my love❤️❤️.

If you believe in prayer, please add our specific prayers to your prayer time. Love & Blessings~Kia

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