Aiden’s Update – April 4, 2016


Aiden’s Specific Daily Prayer Request – 

1) Cover Aiden’s brain. Remove signs of injury and CONTINUE to increase brain activity.
2)Remove signs of injury to kidneys, restore them fully, allow them to function properly without blood in his urine.
3) Remove signs of injury to liver and restore it fully and all signs of Pulmonary Hypertension.
4) Heal the right ventricle in his heart.
5) The next big hurdle is weening Aiden off his ECMO treatment, which needs to take place before his CDH repair surgery. I pray that he has a smooth transition as they slowly take him off with the intention to completely remove it this week. Allow his heart and lungs to function properly on their own and not remain dependent on ECMO.

Aiden on ECMO.April4

Family Specific Daily Prayer Request-
1)Strengthen Trelas and keep him encouraged as he spends this week with me in Utah.
2) Cover, encourage and protect Q, Auri, Allan & Ash hearts.

1) So happy & relieved to have my husband by my side this week.

I am constantly reminded by how wonderful and powerful God is. I fully understand from an educated perspective, from what science says and what the doctors have to consider, but when I tell you about this MIRACLE named Aiden Mathis, I know Gods hand is in the mist of this journey. From what the records show and from what test have shown in the short time that he’s been here with us, Aiden should not be here and his doctor actually said that and called him a miracle from what he has experienced so far. When I met with the doctors on Friday, things were not looking great, we agreed to allow a couple days to pass to give Aiden time to possibly adjust to treatment and we would meet back up on Monday to discuss the next step….but let me tell you something…I had my moment and that’s all it was, a moment. I prayed over this little guy, I’ve prayed for his healing, I’ve prayed for his recovery, health & mind and I believe without a doubt that Aiden is going to be just fine. They wanted to see progress over the weekend, so I prayed for progress….and progress is what we are seeing.

Aiden has consistently improved with subtle changes, vitals are good, test are coming back better, some of his medications have been lowered or stopped completely, he’s waking up on his own more (even with sedation), moving his eyes and responding to voices and sounds, moving his hands & feet, sucking on swabs they put in his mouth with his milk and the very best of all…his brain activity has increased tremendously and now looks quite normal. We went from Friday seeing none of these things and the doctors (obviously doing their jobs) putting all our options on the table, including the idea of stopping treatment for this little guy (to) taking a turn for the positive in the matter of two days….you can’t tell me that my God isn’t awesome! Things are no where near perfect and we have a ways to go, but my FAITH is CRAZY enough for me to believe that Aiden is going to make it through this STRONG and not only make it through, but without any type of complications as they continue to move forward with his various treatments, that he will continue to respond to treatment & progress and amaze every doctor/nurse that he encounters, that he will not have any future complications, developmental concerns or delays and that he will have an exceptional quality of life.

If you believe in prayer, please add our specific prayers to your prayer time. Love & Blessings~Kia

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