Aiden’s Update – April 3, 2016


Aiden’s Specific Daily Prayer Request – 

1) Cover Aiden’s brain. Remove signs of injury and increase brain activity. Praying for good news when they test him tomorrow and we meet with the neonatologist & neurologist.
2)Remove signs of injury to kidneys & liver and restore them fully.
3) Heal the right ventricle in his heart.

Aiden Mathis.ECMO

Family Specific Daily Prayer Request-
1)For Q, Auri, Allan & Ash to stay encouraged as Trelas prepares to fly to Utah. That they are comfortable and continue to adjust well with all the changes.

My God…I am so incredibly blessed and have seen nothing but your goodness all day. As I have been praying over the course of the past few days, I had this amazing feeling that something wonderful, a miracle would happen today. I felt so strongly about it, I even shared that with Trelas this morning and said I just know that Aiden is going to be ok. When I arrived at the hospital they informed me that he had a good night and started waking up on his own and opening his eyes. About a hour after I arrived, I was preparing to leave Aiden’s room for a moment and checked on him before walking out. My baby opened his eyes, started moving his mouth, hands and arms. He is still quite sedated, but he was alert and reacting to my touches and voice. This made my heart so happy, I have not seen any type of movement or his eyes open since the moment he was born and placed on my chest for a brief moment. This was such an incredible feeling and since that time he has done the same thing periodically throughout the day with such bright eyes. I was even able to record him and sent it to Trelas to share with his siblings.

I am so blessed to have such wonderful people around me every where I go. I met a young lady about a year ago back in Vegas, while I was giving a Kia’s Fit Fare Health & Nutrition class, to my surprise she lives close to the area and decided to generously visit with me today and treat me to lunch. During lunch, my phone rung and it was the NICU, but I missed the call so I rushed upstairs. When I arrived, Aiden’s nurse along with the nurse practitioner was standing there waiting for me. When they saw me, they immediately told me that it had nothing to do with Aiden (I guess you could see it all over my face). The NP went on to explain that a family here wanted to pay it forward, because of what another family did for them. They took me to a family room and brought the family in (husband & wife). They explained how their baby was being treated in NICU and they received a card filled with a letter, picture of a family that previously occupied that room with their child and a monetary gift. They went on to explain how they are locals, live close by and have a great support system, so they wanted to give the monetary gift to someone else. Their baby boy was previously in Aiden’s place, same room, same treatment and after they heard we had come from Vegas and had other kiddos at home, etc., they gave it to me. I just had tears flowing, I am in awe of such kindness and generosity.

Once I spoke with them and tears were wiped and hugs given, I returned to lunch. As I was sitting there, I saw a very familiar face and rushed up so I could thank her…it was the Life Flight nurse that took care of Aiden on his flight from Vegas to Utah. What I have not shared earlier is that Aiden was in such a critical state during is transport, that he was not responding to any type of ventilation. For this reason, she had to use the Bag-Valve-Mask Ventilation system (the hand held ventilation system that looks like a balloon) from the time he left until they arrived at PCH in Utah. This woman worked tirelessly to keep our baby alive.

I went up to her to say thank you and when she turned around she just immediately hugged me…she remembered us. She said she had just gone up to see Aiden and to see how he was doing. When I returned to Aiden’s room his nurse also informed me that the Life Flight nurse stopped to check on him, she was so concerned about him and how he was doing. I am time and time again so impressed with this hospital and all the staff….just amazing!

To finish this up, all of Aiden’s swelling has gone down, the inflammation has improved tremendously and his fluid levels are completely normal now. On a side note, I just may be added to payroll here ….his sweet nurses allow me to help as much as possible, which includes checking his temperature.

If you believe in prayer, please add our specific prayers to your prayer time. Love & Blessings~Kia

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