Aiden’s Update – April 1, 2016


Aiden’s Specific Daily Prayer Request –

1) Pulmonary Hypertension Healing. (This must improve before his CDH repair surgery can take place)
2)Cover his brain, remove signs of injury and stop seizures. (He is physically & visually not having seizures, but they have seen seizure activity on his EEG throughout the night)
3)Improve inflammation throughout his body.

Aiden.Prayer Request

Family Specific Daily Prayer Request-
1)Strengthen Trelas and help him to manage adjustment & workload.
2) Continued normalcy & encouragement for Q, Auri, Allan & Ash.

1) Fluids continuing to decrease. (He is less swollen)
2)Vitals continue to remain stable.

If you believe in prayer, please add our specific prayers to your prayer time. Love & Blessings~Kia


Prayer Warriors…two request in one day, because we NEED you. I just met with Aiden’s neonatologist & neurologist and they have great concern about his brain activity. The seizures have stopped, but the neurologist is not seeing normal activity in the back of his brain and believes it was injured during the extended time he went without adequate oxygenation to his brain before arriving at Primary Children’s Hospital. We have about 2-3 days to monitor his progress, before some tough decisions have to be made…it is really that serious. We are in the process of trying to move up Trelas travel so we can all meet together on Monday. Please pray, pray for healing in his body, particularly healing in his brain. I know what it looks like…but GOD! I am praying that signs of injury are removed, that a change takes place and his brain activity increases. Pray with me.

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