Aiden’s Update – March 31, 2016


When Aiden left Vegas, his condition was critical. Prior to his transfer, he took a hard crash earlier that morning, which resulted in ischemia & hypoxia. For a period of 12 hours or so from the time he crashed until the time he arrived in Utah, he experienced inadequate blood supply and oxygen to some organs. Due to the low oxygenation, he has experienced some injury to his kidneys and liver. The biggest concern was and remains if his brain sustained injury as well. Since yesterday they have performed various ultrasounds and he is being monitored on a smaller scale EEG. The ultrasound have not shown injury, but they have been concerned with the brain waves from the EEG not being active. However, with that said he is quite sedated which may also reflect in the lower activity. Considering that his vitals have improved and he continues to tolerate treatment, they decided to slowly decrease sedation with the intent to receive a better EEG reading. As they lowered sedation, the brain waves definitely increased which was so great to see. However, along with the increase activity, they noticed a series of small seizures. The issue with the seizures is that this is often a symptom of injury to the brain. Immediately they started to administer medication for the seizures with a loaded dose, now we are just waiting to see if he responds to the medication and it prevents any additional seizures. At this point the only way to determine if injury is there would be by an MRI, but he can not be moved to that location with all the equipment and attachments at this time.

Aiden Airlifted to Utah

Although they are working on these complications, the fact remains that he will still need to have his diaphragmatic repair surgery. This surgery can not take place until he is stable, off ECMO and his pulmonary hypertension decreases.

Aiden is such a fighter and he is working so hard to breath on his own. I can’t hold him yet, rubbing is not best, but I can touch him. I touch and hold his hand, touch his body to make contact and talk to him. Since they have lowered his sedation, I have noticed him responding to my touch and even some sucking motions like he has a pacifier.

We are continuing to stand firm and believing for healing for our sweet Aiden. Not just any ordinary healing, but that he comes out of this with no complications, no developmental or health issues. This is my first time sharing, but Aiden’s full name is (Aiden Mathis Dyson)….Aiden means Little Fire and Mathis means Gift Of/From God. So Aiden is our little fiery Gift of/from God. This little guy is special and him being here is not by chance.

As many of you may already know, I am in Utah with Aiden and Trelas is back home with the kiddos while arrangements are being made with family and so on. I am asking that you keep our sweet Aiden in your prayers daily, but also for our family as Q, Auri, Allan & Ash adjust to all the changes and for Trelas as he prepares to join me. This is a tough time for all of us, but we are encouraged. Thank you to everyone for the constant prayers, encouragement, love, messages, meals and gifts….you are all so appreciated and we are forever thankful. Love & Blessings~Kia.

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