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When you have a large family to feed (like my family of six), finding ways to save money or how to get more bang (or in this case food) for your buck is always a great benefit. If you had $20, would you know how to price match? Many stores, such as Wal-Mart and other grocery chains allow you to price match with their competitors…..WHY, because they want your business.

  • What is Price Matching (This is not couponing): A Store will price match the advertised price from other competitors/stores. In order to qualify for a price match you must purchase the exact item listed (this may vary by store). For fresh produce and meat items, prices will be matched when they are offered in the same unit (Ex: lb. for lb.; each for each).
  • Where Do You Find Advertised Prices: Check your local grocery store ads, smaller chains only located in your city, markets, and Sunday circulars. If you look on the pic., the bottom portion shows examples of my local sales for this week. As you can see, I was able to catch quite a few awesome deals, for Ex: Zucchini 3lb/$.99, Large Pineapples $.99, and Chayote Squash 5 for $1.
  • Understand the Store Policy: First, find out if your store price matches. If they offer this benefit, be sure that you understand the policy and know how to price match properly. As I stated above, many stores will only go by the same unit. What does this mean, you cannot price match an item sold at a store individually (Ex: oranges $.25 each) for a competitors price sold by lbs. (Ex: oranges 5lb for $1), it must be the same (lb. for lb. match).
  • Other Tips: When planning meals, stick to recipes with ingredients/produce that are in season. You are more likely to find in season items on sale. Buy only what you need, plan your grocery list and purchase what is needed for your family (You may not need the whole 3lbs of squash, instead, only purchase the 2lbs). Sales are typically updated once a week, here in Vegas that day is Wednesday. I plan our menu for a week at a time, and designate one day to restock and purchase items for the upcoming week.
  • Note: This is a general list to get you started with price matching and to help keep your family grocery bill within reason. Trust me….There are many more tips available, if you would like to add your own, be sure to leave them in the comment section for everyone to benefit.

For the record, my total price match bill was $20.40 for the week (Items in pic). Wouldn’t you say that was a deal?!

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