Exciting News – New FITMARK AMBASSADOR & What’s In My Gym Bag?!


Hey Guys, I have some really great news to share!  I am extremely excited to announce that I am now a FITMARK AMBASSADOR for Fitmark.  Becoming an Ambassador with this company is about more than just promoting their products, I truly LOVE the mission and the community Fitmark has created.  Just in case you’re wondering, Fitmark Ambassadors consists of athletes, fitness enthusiasts across the globe that come together to promote health, fitness, success, and yes, style!  Not only does Fitmark craft high quality bags, but they do so much more. “Fitmark is a proud sponsor of the Boys and Girls Club of America (BGCA). With their 1 for 100 Program, they donate a bag for every $100 netted through web sales.  This summer they donated more than 1,000 bags to multiple locations across the country, and in August, another 3,000+ junior backpacks will be donated directly to BGCA in Oakland, Detroit, and Philadelphia, and other cities across America.”  PHENOMENAL, right?


Now that you know all about this awesome brand, let me share with you what’s in the pic!  I currently have the Max Rep Transition Pack (BUY).  This bag is really awesome, because it allows you to transition from a backpack to a duffel bag simply by removing or adding the dual straps.  The compartments are spacious and provide room for all my “extra stuff” carried throughout the day.  For me, this is a true transition pack, considering my bag transitions daily from the gym and my training time, to school when I am working with KFF Kids/Teens on the Move Foundation, and finally to our family time at the park.  As you can see, I carry a variety of items and it all fits comfortably in my duffel.


So what’s in my #NiceBag :

Polar Watch & Heart Monitor


Car Keys/EOS Key Chain Card

Valeo Lifting Gloves

Versa Grips

UR Snacks Mocha Chocolate Chip Customized Granola (Buy)


Jump Ropes

Shaker Cups

Field Cones




Training Binder

KFF Kids On The Move Workout & Files


As you can see, my bag stays loaded.  As a matter of fact, today I trained at 4am, had a class at the High School with an awesome group of kiddos in the ESY program (about 25 middle schoolers), now I am getting in a few hours of work before heading to the park with the family to play ball (usually basketball, football, kickball or baseball).  I had my training binder, gloves, watch, shaker cups and towel for my training session.  Field cones, jump ropes and training files for the kiddos, football for the park later, and snacks to hold me over as needed.  What can I say…I love my bag!!







Thanks so much for following….SEE YOU ON THE NEXT POST!!


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