KFF Crew – Saturday Workout (Downloadable)

KFF Crew – Saturday Family Workout (Downloadable Template)

Saturday morning workout with the family started with the K/TOTM (Kids/Teens On The Move) Circuit Bingo. Just in case you are unfamiliar with this, here’s a little refresher: The circuit is a quick and intense workout that includes multiple moves performed for short periods of time, with the intent to get your heart rate up and you moving. This workout was designed for KFF Kids/Teens on Move Initiative, but it is great for anyone desiring to incorporate a little something extra that will definitely make you sweat.

Here’s the workout template in detail:

Kids.Teens On The Move Circuit WorkoutPic

Kids.Teens On The Move Circuit Workout (Click link to DOWNLOAD template)

Directions: Each person selects a number. Once your number is selected, you are to follow that line and complete each move. Rounds consists of performing each move for 30 seconds, once all seven moves are completed, rest for one minute and repeat two more times. The full workout is (3) full rounds!!

Bonus: We have seven stations with a cone. Each cone has a printout showing the move for each station. (I will show more details on the next video). Remember the idea is for everyone to get moving and you should move from station to station smoothly.

After the Circuit, we completed the workout with three laps around the parking lot. As a bonus, I finished my time at the park with another Circuit (Phone SnapShot):


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