Doolittle – T.E.E.N. Awareness Fair

KOTM.Teen Awareness Fair

KFF Kids/Teens On The Move Workshop at Las Vegas Doolittle Community Center T.E.E.N. Awareness Fair

On Wednesday, I had the pleasure of presenting KFF Kids/Teens On The Move in a Workshop for the Las Vegas Doolittle Community Center T.E.E.N. Awareness Fair. I have no words to express how great it is to be given the opportunity and platform to reach the youth in our community, and also being able to share these moments with my children (the KFF Crew). The workshop covered three components, which included 1) Physical Fitness 2) Proper Nutrition – Refueling after Physical Activity and 3) Healthy Snacks – Hands On Cooking. (Please visit to continue reading).

We started with introducing the K/TOTM Circuit Bingo, which is a quick and intense workout that includes jumping rope, burpies, jump squats, lunges and more. After completing the intense workout, we moved on to properly refueling our bodies with delicious smoothies, discussed the importance of refueling and options that are great to consume.

Once the smoothies were blended and sampled, we moved on to healthy snack ideas. On the menu we enjoyed double berry parfaits made with Greek yogurt sweeten with 100% pure maple syrup, granola, shredded coconut, and even dark chocolate chips. The final snack was delicious date and nut truffles. All the recipes were easy, simple, delicious and everyone enjoyed them!

I am extremely appreciative of every opportunity I am blessed with and firmly believe that with each platform, workshop and class I am able to give, Kia’s Fit Fare is fulfilling its purpose. Our mission has always been and will continue remain to be “To promote a fit & healthy lifestyle and help tackle the issues of childhood obesity through proper education and by making the connection between Faith, Family, Nutrition & Fitness.”

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