What I Ate Yesterday – January 26, 2015

WHat I Ate January.26 KFF

What I Ate Yesterday: Jan. 26, 2015

In a perfect world, YES, all meals would be eaten at home, but we’re not in a perfect world :-)!! Monday and Wednesday morning are spent working at Starbucks or working out at UNLV while my oldest is on campus. About 95% of the time I prefer to have breakfast at home, but I have to say enjoying a Spinach Feta Wrap and Sweet Greens drinks at Starbucks comes quite close.

DO you guys like couscous? In the past I have rarely prepared it exclusively, usually it’s in a dish or combined with something. Since a bag of Israeli Couscous (Purchased at Fresh & Easy) has been sitting in my pantry for some time, I decided to toss it in the rice cooker with water, a bit of salt and pepper, and a small amount of Kerry Gold butter…seriously, this was best couscous I have ever had, how could something so simple be so great!!!!?!!!!

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