Training (Upper Body Circuit) – January 26, 2015


Upper Body Circuit

This may not be the typical style of training I’ve posted in the past, but I am always searching/researching for different variations and styles of training. Over the course of the past year, I have incorporated more HIIT training, outdoor training with Sprints/Plyometrics, FST-7 & Supersets, and Home Workout w/Minimal equipment. In the same spirit, I decided to try something totally different for the next few months. Although I have changed some of the moves and equipment used to accommodate my needs and for home training on some days, I am using the format from Bill Phillips – Back To Fit Trainer. With my current schedule, I keep my training short, sweet and straight to the point, which puts me around 30 minutes from start to finish. This format with circuits keeps me within that same range. I completed this workout in about 25-30 minutes…good news for me!! Now I will say, don’t let the workout fool you….You may be thinking, it’s too easy, too short, etc. Remember, you can start and finish the exact same workout the person next to you is doing and walk away with a completely different experience, because it all depends on your mindset, your intensity how you push yourself and of course your goals.

Remember…….Train Smart, Train Hard, find something that you LOVE to do and stick with it!! Stay Motivated!!


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