What I Ate Yesterday – October 16, 2014

KFF What I Ate Yesterday - Oct 16

What I Ate Yesterday: October 16, 2014

For those of you that are new to my page/posts, here’s a recap that I share with each Daily Meal Post–Remember, it’s all about balance.
(My approach with Nutrition and Eating) I plan/prepare meals based upon my daily training, schedule and activities. For me, focusing on “Proper Nutrition” is an approach that I personally choose which includes whole foods and some of the principles/ideas regarding nutrition that you may see floating around the internet or in health literature. However, I do not believe in categorizing my eating in a set group or type of diet, or place restrictive labels such as dirty foods or clean foods. When this happens, you open a door for greater issues dealing with consumption habits, bad patterns, binging, and eating disorders. Now I do believe some foods offer more nutritional benefits, but I also believe that it’s simply OK to enjoy other foods “not typically labeled as healthy” in moderation–but that’s all personal preference. Basically, this comes down to the fact of having a healthy relationship with food, not stressing over the optimal time on what and when to eat ALL the TIME, and choosing to make your health the number one priority. When choosing to make your health a priority, by the process of elimination the majority of your foods consumed are purposely to nourish your body.This approach allows me to focus on creating an attainable, fulfilling and enjoyable life filled with good nutrition, fitness, family and faith.

Be Healthy, Be Strong, Nourish your Body and Live Fit!!


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