What I Ate Yesterday – November 18, 2014

KFF WHat I Ate Yesterday - Nov 18

What I Ate Yesterday: November 18, 2014

I figured you are probably tired of seeing the same write-up with my “What I Ate Yesterday” post. If you are new to my site or any of my pages, you can check out previously posted days and read the full write-up on my approach with nutrition & Eating. Instead, I will provide a little recap and thoughts for the day. Before I go on, yes the last meal is a stock photo of my dish, because I went out to dinner with my family . Back to the day…overall, I don’t believe in restrictions, but I do believe in consuming a well-balanced diet filled with a variety of foods. Going out to dinner for me is simply not an issue, because that’s a part of life. How miserable is it to refrain from living life and enjoying something as simple as a meal with your family, because you are counting calories or stuck on not eating too many carbs. I understand that goals are meant to be reached for special reason, such as being a competitor, special events coming up, being athlete, etc., but let’s face..I am not a competitor. You know what else, my family does not compete either, because of this, I will practice balance and enjoy life, and that means having the occasion ice cream cone with my kiddos or preparing my hubby his fav dessert! I believe in practicing what is sustainable….what is sustainable….”able to be maintained at a certain rate or level.” I believe in moderation, I believe in making my health a priority, but I will never categorize my way of eating in a set group or type of diet, or place restricted labels such as dirty and clean foods. Understand, this is my approach and my beliefs, when the day is all over, remember you are in charge of your health and what you decide to do.

Be Healthy, Be Strong, Nourish your Body and Live Fit!!!

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