What I Ate Yesterday – December 2, 2014

KFF What I Ate Yesterday - Dec 2

What I Ate Yesterday: December 2, 2014

Typically Tuesday nights are Turkey Burger night in our home. I mentioned this some time ago, about having themes or certain nights planned throughout the week, it could be a particular cuisine or meal. Doing this takes out the planning on your part and it gives everyone something to look forward to it, especially If you pick out the planned meals together ( TIP**If you have little ones, kiddos love making suggestions and being a part of the selection process and meal planning). Overall, it was a great day, but the real BONUS was teaching another Health & Nutrition Class in partnership with Girl Scouts as they work towards the President’s Challenge. If I helped only one person today or provided some type of knowledge that they will be able to take home and incorporate in their daily activities with their families, than I call it a successful day.

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