Tales From The Lunch Box – September 12, 2014


Tales From The Lunch Box Part 2: (Storage Kit- Bentgo Lunch Box)

Yesterday I shared with you the Lunch “Blox” Kit I packed my kiddos lunch in (See previous posts), today I am sharing with you what I prefer to pack my lunches in on the go. With my new schedule and my oldest attending school across town, a few days out of the week I pack up my office and find a nice little table to work from at Starbucks for a few hours. Packing everything for that portion of the day includes my lunch as well. This snazzy lunch kit is fully stocked with a Bentgo Bag, stackable containers (top container has a built-in divider), top lid, divider lid, plastic silverware, nylon sealing strap to keep it all in place, cup and a sauce container. I know you’re loving the color right, but just in case you’re curious, the kit comes in purple, grey and blue as well. Now that you have some great options, get to packing those fabulous lunches!!

(My Lunch Today)
Eggplant & Pepper Meat Sauce over Zucchini Noodles w/ Parmesan
Mixed Nuts
Blackberries & Strawberries
Green Tea

For more lunch ideas, be sure to visit www.KiasFitFare.com

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