Tales From The Lunch Box – October 28, 2014

Lunch BoxOct28
KFF Kids On The Move – Tales From The Lunch Box: (Oct. 28)
REMEMBER, you don’t always have to use regular or tradition toppings on sandwiches & wraps. Get creative and think outside the box…For this combo, green apple slices works great with cucumbers & cheddar. Enjoy!!

(What’s For Lunch)
-Pretzels (Be sure to read the labels, some brands add caramel color)
-Granola & Cranberry Trail Mix (Try making a homemade version)
-Sweet Multigrain Roll (Purchased at Walmart), layered with Granny Smith Apple Slices, Cucumbers, Cheddar, Spinach & Mustard
-Plum & Clementine Slices (My kiddos love just about any kind of fruit and loves having a combo in their lunches)

If you know of another fit/foodie parent that can use this information, be sure to give them a tag.
For more LUNCH BOX ideas for your kiddo: Be sure to Visit www.KiasFitFare.com

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