Daily Smoothie – Pineapple-Nana Refuel

Daily SMoothie - Pineapple-Nana Refuel

(Daily Greens Smoothie) Pineapple-Nana Refuel.

Health Highlights: Several studies show that Ginger reduces pain and swelling with people with arthritis. It also works in the digestive tract, boosting digestive juices and neutralizing acids as well as reducing intestinal contractions. (Reader’s Digest Food Cures, 2012)

This is a great smoothie to get your morning going or a great option to refuel your body after a great training session. I used my base smoothie recipe, but made a few changes..I replaced the Spinach with Kale and used Almond Coconut Milk for the Liquid. If you’re enjoying this for Post Workout, add a scoop of your favorite protein. **Note: Banana is not pictured.** Enjoy!!

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