Week of Birthday Celebrations!

Ashton 6th Birthday!

Starting the morning off right with a delicious Birthday Treat!

Ash 6th Birthday Pics

Six years ago I gave birth to a little ball of energy that would enlighten our lives to no end. Comical, independent, persistent…ahh yes persistence is a BIG one ( we have been known to heavily debate) and one of the most intelligent little people I know. I often look at him in admiration, because although he is my baby now, I know something great is blossoming inside this little, bold package. Just as I have said it before, Ash keeps me on my toes and going nonstop, but the joy he brings to me is indescribable and makes life worth living. Happy Birthday to my little guy, my baby boy, Ashton Jaden Dyson!

Trelas 33rd Birthday!

Wishing my wonderful Hubby, Trelas Dyson III, an extra special Happy Birthday! Birthdays are celebrated in groups in our home, or more like back-to-back which means double the celebrations three times out of the year. This morning (More like brunch because I took way too long), we prepared a delicious breakfast spread. The breakfast cake was topped with an Orange Cream Protein Frosting, served with Chicken Maple Sausage, Bacon, Fresh Fruit, MultiGrain Pancakes & Scrambled Eggs. Now off to celebrate this wonderful day, hopefully I made up for the wait with the spread and he forgives me.
Team #NFSports
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