Cover Your Children – August 25, 2014

Cover Your Children

Parents, with the new school year approaching (many have started, some started today as we did and others are still waiting for their first day), be sure to cover your children. Speak life and growth over their future; cover them in Love, Encouragement and Blessings. For years, every morning as I drive my little crew to school, I have them recite these words:

Today, will be a Good day, a Great day.
I am Smart, Intelligent, Strong and Favored by God.
I am a Leader and not a follower.
God loves me and Mommy & Daddy does too.
I will excel at and understand all I do.
Today will be a Great day, an Awesome day, the Best day ever.

It’s short, its sweet, but it’s something that I have instilled in them and hope that they keep in their heart and thoughts as they head to school daily. Your words & actions are powerful, so be sure to use them to build your children up.

Love & Blessings~

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