New Recipes Added to the KFF Open Kitchen – August 4, 2014

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New recipes have been added to the KFF Open Kitchen for August 4-10, 2014Scroll down for a brief description of each tasty dish!!  Click on pictures to access Open Kitchen.

Fiesta CornFiesta Corn

This medley of amazing flavors packs quite a punch.  Fresh Cilantro, jalapeño (of course can be omitted if you can’t handle the heat), red bell peppers and scallions blended with corn is the perfect side dish to almost any meal.  I’m sure this one will become a favorite and prepared on the regular after you have that first bite!

Parmesan Polenta & Shredded Chicken

Parmesan Polenta w/Shredded Chicken, Mushrooms & Spinach

This flavorful bowl of ingredients was a family pleaser.  The Sauté Mushrooms combined with Spinach and Shredded chicken was a delicious combo, but when topped over Parmesan Polenta, it became amazing.  This dish is a great play on flavors and different textures, but it comes to together perfectly.  Enjoy!!

Strawberry Lemon Bread

Strawberry Lemon Bread w/Creamy Lemon Glaze

A few weeks ago, I asked all Kia’s Fit Fare followers on IG, FB & Twitter to help pick my next quick bread flavor. I received a lot of feedback and took notes, than I decided to go on a whim and create something a little different based off your replies…here we have a delicious and moist Strawberry Quick Bread, with an added twist from Lemon Zest. The fabulous glaze was made with Neufchatel Cheese, Lemon Juice and sweeten with a small amount of Coconut Sugar. Yes, this bread is AMAZING!!!

Quinoa Breakfast Cups

Quinoa Breakfast Cups

These delicious Quinoa Cups are great to grab on the go, but even better to enjoy when you can sit down and top them with the works like Salsa, Greek Yogurt, Avocado or whatever your tastebud desires.  This savory dish creates a Mexican Fiesta or you can choose to go sweet with a drizzle of 100% Pure Maple Syrup.

Potato Crust Shrimp Quiche

Potato Crust Shrimp Quiche

If you’re in need of a one dish meal that’s wholesome and filling, I think this may be your answer.  This delicious Quiche starts with a base of Shredded Potatoes that creates a perfect crust, than it’s filled with Spinach, Shrimp and is completed with a creamy, cheesy filling.  Talk about YUM!!

Chocolate Coconut Cake

Chocolate Coconut Cake w/Chocolate Coconut Cream & Orange Zest

Now I have made plenty of desserts and cakes in the past, but this cake is seriously the BEST I have ever made. This Coconut Chocolate Cake with a hint of Orange Zest is moist, light and so delicious. I topped it off with a Chocolate Coconut Cream made with Coconut Milk, Chocolate and a bit more of Orange Zest. Is your mouth watering yet?!?

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