Join Parfait Tuesday & Giveaway – May 19, 2014


#ParfaitTuesday is right around the corner and I wanted to give all of you an update on all the amazing prizes you can WIN over the course of this month. Oh yes, I’ve teamed up with even more amazing Cohost and they are some of your favorite brands:

Nutriforce Sports
Sweet Spreads
ips All Naturall
Buff Bake
The Cookie Department
Quest Nutrition
Paleo Bakehouse

This week prizes will come from:

1) NutriForce Sports – 2lb tub of NutriWhey (In Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla or Coffee)
2) Sweet Spreads – Sample Pack of Coconutters
3) The Cookie Department – 12 Pack Assorted Cookies
4) Kia’s Fit Fare – 3-month membership to Open Kitchen

All winners are randomly selected via

FYI Remember….No Rules. No Challenge, just make sure it’s edible so you can actually eat it! That’s right, it’s that simple. You can go sweet, go savory, TOTALLY UP TO YOU!! Now go get ready for Tuesday!! Note) Due to shipping purposes, NutriWhey , Sweet Spreads and Buff Bakes Buff Butter can only be shipped to U.S. residents.

If you would like try some of these amazing products on your own, check out these awesome deals!!

NutriForce Sports code: KIASFITFARE30 for 30% off your entire order of any of their products at

Rickaroons code: KiasFitFare for 15% off your order on their site

Special Side Note: Our generous friends over at Paleo Bakehouse is running a kickstarter campaign to get their own commercial kitchen, and help get their products out to retailers. Their goal needs to be met by June 11th, if you would like to support and donate to this amazing company, visit their kickstarter link:


Thanks so much for following…See You On the NEXT POST!!


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