Motivation for the Day – April 14, 2014


Motivation for the Day: “Love begins at home and it is not how much we do. But it is how much we put into what we do.”–Mother Teresa – Missionary (1910-1997)

Are you truly present? Every day we go out of the way to make sure that our family is cared for, that monetary needs are met, and that we attend all the various functions/events/meetings and practices daily…but did you know that all this means nothing if you are not truly present in those moments. Physically being in a place because you feel obligated, is completely different from a having a genuine desire to be there in someone’s presence, to make them happy, or to show that they are loved. Everyone wants to feel valued and that they are a priority, not just a task on the to-do-list…today, take a moment to see how you can invest in those you love. Show them how important they are and watch how your relationships blossom. Love & Blessings~

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