Activate Apparel New Gym Swag – April 2, 2014

Untitled-1I am totally loving my new Gym Swag courtesy of Activate Apparel ( . At Activate Apparel they believe that fitness is as much about attitude as it is about fortitude….wouldn’t you agree!?!? If you checkout their site, you’ll see that they’ve taken that sentiment and emblazoned it on every piece of their high-quality athletic clothing. So are you ready to Activate, if so, go pick out something that expresses what you’re feeling! Check out my top three picks in the pic…Thanks Activate Apparel; I can’t wait to hit the gym!!!

New Recipes Coming to KFF:

Cookie DOugh Brownies (500) (2 of 1)

No Bake Cookie Dough Brownies:

So, Ummmm…yes, this No-Bake-Amaziness was created today! How did it happen….Brownies on my mind this weekend, plus I keep seeing recipes for cookie dough, so naturally I would try to combine them, wouldn’t you !? No oven is needed for these brownies, only a processor and the desire to create an amazing dessert/snack. Oh wait….I knew I forgot to tell you something, try guessing what’s in these brownies? If you took a bite I guarantee you would never guess. Here’s a hint…you’ll be sure to get in your fiber ….Chickpeas!! That’s right, because you guys know how versatile they are and they work so well in brownie/bar recipes. The bottom layer is made with Almond Meal, Hershey’s 100% Dark Chocolate, Coconut Oil, Vanilla and Dates. The Ganache topping was made with 100% Pure Maple Syrup, Hershey’s (again) and Coconut Oil. These brownies pack a little punch, but there’s nothing wrong with that good people….it’s all about Moderation!! So what you think, would you give them a try?!

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