So What’s In Your Pantry? – March 24, 2014


I’ve been wanting to share this for some time now, because every time I go into my into my pantry it makes me laugh (the contrast of it all). As you can see, I completely wiped out any and all supplements that I use to take and have replaced them with cooking staples & a few of my food photography supplies. The only supplement that I take occasionally is the Raw Vegan or Hemp Protein hiding in the bottom left comer . On the other hand, my wonderful husband is running a small supplement company (lol). What’s great about this, is that although I have changed my views on some approaches (nutrition, supplements, etc) we can still support one another opinions and desires, and still continue on with our own preferences. There was never any conflict when I chose to stop taking supplements and I never tried to force my way on him. Remember, your way may work for you, but it may not be idea for the next person. However, be supportive of one another and allow people to learn on their own and figure out what’s best for them. Love & Blessings-
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Bison Eggplant Stack
I was in the mood for a bit of Italian, and I had a wonderful Eggplant fresh from the Farmer’s Market just waiting to be cut. This is truly a 30-minute-meal (could be less), I seriously whipped this up in a flash and it was amazing. It honestly took three steps…1) Bake your Eggplant Slices, 2) Prepare your Sauce/Meat Sauce (in this case tomato sauce with Bison), and 3) layer your Eggplant Slices. It was really just that easy!! To complete this dish and make it all pretty, the stacked was garnished with Dried Sweet Basil (and rolled/chopped spinach on top, this was supposed to be Basil as well, but I was out).
Banana Nut Granola Pancakes w/PB Cheesecake Syrup
This batch of pancakes made me realize just how much I love my original Oat Pancake recipe (recipe previously posted). This delicious batch was made slightly different with half of the greek yogurt replaced with Bananas (YUM), topped with a delicious Homemade Granola I made this weekend (you’re going to love this), and a flavorful PB cheesecake Syrup (made with Neufchatel Cheese, Peanut Butter & Brown Rice Syrup-Can you use Maple). This was an amazing stack and the kiddos all gave them two thumbs up.
NutyEnergyBars(500) (1 of 1)
Nutty Energy Bars
I had about 40 minutes before picking the kiddos up from school and I decided to prepare a quick and easy bar that any of you can do. All it took was a little creativity and raiding the pantry. This bar is versatile and can easily be changed to accommodate your taste, but this one is filled with Oats, Raw Pepitas (Sunflower Seeds), PB, Chia Seeds, Dried Cherries, Pecans, Brown Rice Puffs and 100% Pure Maple Syrup. I combined all these ingredients with two egg whites, placed in the oven to bake a little under 20 minutes and there you have a great tasting snack for you and your kiddos.
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