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Are you loyal? Speaking personally, I consider myself to be loyal, but I also know that sometimes (due to circumstances) I have not always kept my word in a timely manner and this is something I am working on. When you think about it, your word is everything and should be followed by actions. Not only does this show your true character, but it also shows honor and respect for others. Today, focus on removing selfishness & distractions out of the equation and be a person of integrity, show that you are reliable and a person of your word. Love & Blessings~

New Recipes Coming to KFF:

12.31.500SmoothieBanana-Carrot Orange Sunriser

Health Highlights: Bananas are a rich source of Vitamin B6, which may prolong mental health, according to the USDA. They are high in fiber and potassium, which can help maintain body fluids, assist heart health, balance electrolytes, reduce muscle cramps and elevate energy levels. (The Blended Drink Handbook, 2012)

You guys know how I love my Greens Smoothies and Juices and how I enjoy them every day, but did you know that I am not the only smoothie lover in the house?! The kiddos enjoy their very own smoothies daily. This is a great way to get their day started, helps with digestion, boosts their energy and is an easy way to add in some extra greens and fruits to their diets. Earlier in my feed, I discussed the base recipe for their smoothies (slightly different from my own), and how I like to prep them in advance and place them in the freezer. This creates less hassle in the morning, I just grab a bag and toss everything in the blender. Just in case you’re wondering, for their smoothies I follow this simple recipe for 4 servings (4 cups of Spinach, 1 Cucumber or Celery, 4 Bananas, 2 additional servings of Fruit of choice, 2tbs of Chia Seeds (optional), 2 cups of Liquid (Almond Coconut Milk/Almond Milk/or Water), 2 cups of Ice, if needed you can add 1-2 tbs of Pure Honey or 100% Maple Syrup. I blend everything together, it’s that simple and you can easily adjust and add fruit to their liking. Go ahead and blend one up for your little one today, you may be pleasantly surprised on how much they enjoy this nutritious addition.

Apple-Carrot-Bake.500Cinnamon Apple Carrot Cups

A bowl of oats is always a great way to start the morning, but a cup of Oats filled with Apples, Carrots and Cinnamon is even better. These delicious cups are a simple take on my favorite oatmeal bakes, and they are a warm-filling way to start your day on these cold-winter mornings (that’s of course if you’re not in Vegas or on the West Coast.

Coconut & Toasted Oats Banana Chia Pudding(500)-1Coconut & Toasted Oats Banana Chia Pudding Parfaits

I just LOVE parfaits, probably because they are one of the easiest meals/snacks to make and you can get as creative as your heart desires. For these delicious parfaits (which ended up being my breakfast and a snack for the kiddos), I layered them with a simple Banana Chia Pudding made with Almond Coconut Milk, Toasted Oats (which only took minutes in the oven), and Unsweetened Shredded Coconut. To finish them off, I added fresh Cantaloupe and Pomegranates. This is a simple and delicious meal or snack perfect for all you FitFoodies and a real treat for your kiddos. For added protein, you can always add a scoop of your favorite protein blend to the Chia Pudding. Enjoy!!

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