Journey to 2014 Tough Mudder – Jan. 1, 2014

Over the course of the next four months I will embark on a new and unfamiliar journey to my first Tough Mudder, right here in Las Vegas, NV.  This is exciting, it’s definitely a new challenge and yes, a little intimidating, but I am beyond ready to conquer this new goal.  For the next four months, I want to share this journey with you from my nutrition, my  day-to day challenges and accomplishments, and my Tough Mudder Training which includes three approaches wrapped up in in one (Endurance—a lot of running, MRT-Weight Training (Weeks 1-8), and a Tough Mudder Boot Camp-Done right at home). My plan is to Video log all of this and share it with you right here on FB/Instagram/YouTube/and . 

As with any big event or life altering experience, you don’t want to go at it alone.  So right here…RIGHT NOW…I am extending an official invitation to you.  Remember my post from this morning….It was about being BOLD & BRAVE and 2014….SO the question is….will you join me?!  Looking forward to a great, exciting and rewarding 2014 with each of you!!

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Music: Aloe Blacc “The Man”

**My New Favorite Artist – Do yourself a favor and go listen to the entire song on YouTube**

Thank you so much for following…See you on the NEXT POST!!!

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