Lesson Learned From a Trip to Wal-Mart – Dec. 10, 2013


The lady behind me in the check-out line was disturbed that I chose to do this and she was not discreet about it.  As I quickly checked out, I looked back a few times and just gave her a smile.  I briefly asked the clerk if he was ok with me price matching, because the lady behind me obviously was not.  He replied with “Sure, I’m fine,” smiled and finished up.  I paid and collected my items and this lady, who I have never seen in my life, grew louder and angrier.  As she raised her voice and started to curse me out, my heart dropped.  Not because she was verbally attacking me, but because my four young children stood there in horror not understanding why this lady would react in such a way.  I calmly said to her, I don’t understand why you are so upset, we are all here buying groceries….I don’t know you, you don’t know me, and I have done absolutely nothing to disrespect you or hurt you and you are cursing me out in front of my  children….I have done nothing to you.  As I spoke she continued to grow louder and threatened me, she told me to shut-up, and you don’t know what I’ll do to, just get out of here and so on.  My heart was so heavy and I told her, I’m going to pray for you because nothing good can come out of the way you are acting. 

As she continued, Ash (5yr) insisted on going to the restroom, I rushed him there and as I waited for him to finish, my eyes actually filled with tears.  It wasn’t that she made me cry, I was hurt by her actions.  My heart was being tugged by the thought that another human being could be and would be so cruel to another person. I was upset because my babies had to witness this pointless encounter and they were visibly upset.  I am a strong person physically and mentally, but I am also quite sensitive, especially when it comes to issues with human kindness and my little ones.  My children began to flood me with questions….mommy why was the lady so mean, why would she say those things to you, are you ok mommy?  In that moment, in my hurt, I knew this was a teachable moment. 

As we prepared to walk out, I had decided to go back by the clerk to apologize for the horrible situation he had to experience.  As I was walking to the line, he actually met me in the aisle and with the most sincere and apologetic look said, “I truly apologize for that ordeal, you were treated horribly,” than he insisted that security walked us to our vehicle.  I declined, but he insisted because my children were with me.  As I walked out with my babies and security, I held my head down (attempting to be discreet and trying to be strong in front of my babies), but my heart was just so heavy.  Once we got in the truck, I knew that I couldn’t allow this moment to pass without teaching them a very valuable lesson. With tears rolling down my face (again, the tears were not because she made me cry, it was because my innocent babies had to experience this horrible ordeal and they were upset and shaken) we discussed the   importance of human kindness, how we should love one another, about respect and how we should always be kind to others, regardless of how others may act.  This is definitely a Wal-Mart trip I will never forget and I am sure they will not forget as well.

As I end this, here’s something to place in your heart….we need to focus more on simply being kind, displaying love and being more considerate.  This was not meant to be deep, just something that comes from my heart.  This quotes sums it all up…..”Treat everyone with politeness, even those who are rude to you – not because they are nice, but because you are.”  Unknown – Have a wonderful night and Love & Blessings to all of you~

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  1. Kudos to you for keeping it together and not fleshing out. I would have had a hard time not doing so. I trust that your reaction and prayers affected her and softened her heart!

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