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Motivation for the Day: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”–Thomas A. Edison

We are all perfectly imperfect, and yes, we make mistakes. However, the difference between those that succeed and those that simply give up is how they view trials/failures/errors throughout their journey. Every experience should be a lesson learned, contribute directly to your self-development and move you one step forward towards your success. Struggles happen, but you have to be strong enough to embrace it and use it as a stepping stone. Love & Blessings~

News in Female Bodybuilding


I was really hoping that this was a terrible joke. This is a disgrace and a slap in the face for all the women that participate in bodybuilding. Eliminating Female Bodybuilding was bad enough, but what’s the real message in adding pole dancing…yes, that’s exactly what it is. Adding Fitness to the name (Pole Fitness) does not make it OK. This is shameful and someone should have stopped this before it even became an option to add to the Arnold Sports Festival. I am disturb by this and disappointed, but as I read the article, I will note that Joe Pietaro, Online Editor-in-Chief at Fitness RX For Men, made a valid comment. He said, “Read between the lines there and it’s obvious that the industry is one that is changing as far as the women go.” WHAT DOES THIS MEAN…..Ladies, they will only go as far as you allow them, it’s time to stand your ground and stop this disgrace. This is ridiculous and it’s getting out of control, stick to your morals. Your self-respect is so much more valuable than some silly trophy.

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So what do you think about this….is it fair, do you this change should have taken place.

**Please Note**I do not discredit those that practice, do pole dancing as art or fitness…yes, it’s true those individuals are extremely fit and it requires true disciple. However, I do not believe it is simply being added for the fitness aspect of it. If that would be the argument, why not add Male Pole Fitness as well…this probably won’t happen. Why not, because male bodybuilding is actually taken serious. Look at how bikini has changed over the years, it’s no where near where it originally started. Eventually women will be completely nude…an exaggeration yes, but you get the point. I just don’t believe it has a place there.

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