I Don’t Know How She Does It?


Has anyone seen “I Don’t Know How She Does It?” I know I’m super late, but I just recently watched it a few weeks ago and found myself laughing all the way through the movie. Partly because I could recall myself doing so many of the same things Sarah Jessica Parker character would do, including running through the checklist in my head at night while in bed. The humor in the storyline for me was that I found myself somewhere in the middle between the working mom/career mom and the stay-at-home mom. The characters were hilarious in their depiction, such as the stay-at-home mom being Queen B of the PTA, the Betty Crocker of bake sales, and dropping off the kiddoes at school and hitting the gym for hours until school was out. On the other hand, the working mom was going strong in her career, but with the slight expense of having to miss out on some precious moments and other opportunities. I am a combination of both moms in the movie, but boy is my life different from the story characters.

I mention that I found myself somewhere in the middle, I guess it would be more accurate to say that I have put myself somewhere in the middle. Being a stay-at-home mom (which is actually multiple jobs in itself), running a business, staying involved in the community and volunteering at the school, preparing for a full next four-months with new goals/training and a big event, and now PTA President…wait, did I say PTA President? Now that’s a funny story, I went to the PTA meeting tonight to get information and left as the new President of the first PTA for the school. Hmmm…again, I find myself somewhere in the middle, but you know what….the truth is that I love where I am. Please believe that I have had many nights where I felt like passing out before the kiddoes were snugged in their beds, some morning are so crazy that when it’s all done I feel like I have just ran a marathon, or even those sleepless nights where I sit up alone working late (eventually falling asleep on the couch) because hubby is away traveling with work (for months at a time). It’s not the easiest job, but it sure is one of the most rewarding. Everyday I’ve been blessed with the gift of life, four beautiful & intelligent children, a great husband and a darn good life.

Right now I am in a place where there is so much that I desire to do, so much to be done, and although I do get tired ( I am human), I’m going to work hard each and every day until my destiny is fulfilled. I’ve decided that from this point forward, I will find the good in every encounter, in every moment, and in every opportunity. When I was nominated for President tonight, my first thoughts were, I don’t know about this, how can I add this to my schedule, etc. By the time I made it home, it became clear to me..I had that Ahh-haa moment. This week I was planning to make an announcement regarding Kia’s Fit Fare and the KFF Kids On the Move Initiative. As I researched the purpose of PTA in the school, I learned that one of the main goals of PTA is to address organizational efforts to improve student health and well-being. For so long I’ve wanted to get in the schools and implement some of my ideas, but never knew how to approach it or even where to start. So now, with taking on this position, I can’t help but think and feel that a tremendous door was just opened for me. This is me taking a leap of faith, taking another step towards fulfilling my God-Given purpose, making a valuable contribution and sharing KFF with the world. This reminds me of one of my daily devotionals from Pastor Joel Osteen last week….Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed by the challenges and obstacles we face. But, we have to remember that God equips for every season of life. God will not allow you to face Goliath, He will not allow a major challenge and then just give you a little favor, a little strength, a little wisdom. No, God equips you with exactly what you need to overcome every obstacle. What you have in your hand may not seem like much, but remember, David had victory with only five small stones!

Know today that you have been empowered to accomplish every dream that God has placed in your heart. Oftentimes, the reason you have a huge obstacle is because you have a huge future. You may be facing a big challenge, but you’re a big person serving a big God. Know that no matter what you face, God will meet your needs. You are equipped, you are empowered, and you are headed toward victory in every area of your life! With that, goodnight and rest easy…..Love & Blessings~

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