Parfait Tuesday with KFF – Dec. 3, 2013


Every Tuesday Kia’s Fit Fare host #ParfaitTuesday over on instagram. If parfaits are your thing and you enjoy creating and eating them, please feel free to join in. If you’re not on Instagram, go ahead and give us a tag on FB! Spread the word, get others to join in, and don’t forget to tag your Parfaits. FYI….No Rules. No Challenge, just make sure it’s edible so you can actually eat it ! That’s right, it’s that simple. You can go sweet, go savory, TOTALLY UP TO YOU!! Simply add me to your pic/tag (me) #kiasfitfare or #nikiadyson and #ParfaitTuesday .
Just to give you an idea of some of the amazing parfaits shared each week, check out this pic.
(From IG) Parfaits courtesy of:


Motivation for the Day:



New Recipes Coming to KFF:


Sweet Potato Pie Cashew Cheesecake Parfait (#Parfait Tuesday Contribution)

Snicker Brownies-4

 Double Chocolate Snicker Brownies

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Remember….Be Healthy, Be Strong, Nourish your Body and Live Fit!!!!

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