Getting Ready for Thanksgiving & New Recipes Coming to KFF!!


Well look at what we have here!! Today is the day that I pull out the Big-Book of Dyson Family Holiday Recipes. You know for us foodies at heart, Thanksgiving is like the Superbowl of Delicious & Good Eats!! I have the menu all planned, groceries are being put away right now and I’m ready to get to work and prepare this fabulous meal for my family and amazing guests. I have a busy schedule this week with the Kiddoes & volunteering, but I plan to share a couple of our family favorites with you guys before Thanksgiving . So tell me, what are some of your favorite holiday recipes?!

New Recipes Coming to KFF:

Mango-Maple French Toast

Cinnamon French Toast with Warm Homemade Mango-Maple Syrup

Berry Fit Neufchatel Cheese Parfaits

Berry Fit Neufchatel Cheese Parfaits

SMoothie Bowl

Banana-Chia Oat Flexbowl topped with Shredded Coconut, Coconut PB and High Five! Honey, Almond, Flax & Whole Grain Clusters.

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